An Eye on the World

Written by ak
This is the narration about the erection of Globe in front of the main building of the Walchand College of Engineering Sangli, formerly known as New Engineering College. The founder of the institute Late Shri. Dhoundumama Sathe was very active in his earlier life. With the commitment for the social cause, he established many organizations during 1930-47. The various organizations were having a watch on novelty at the same time having a vision to cater to the needs of the society for future generations to come.
However, because of the 2nd World War recession in all spheres of activities took place. This affected the fate of most of the organizations founded by Late Shri Dhondumama. In effect he decided to quit the activities of the Sansar and resorted to Sanyas Arham and marched towards the Himalayas. However, to our luck and fortune a Sadhu met him on the way and presuaded him not to stick to the decision. Without the permission of wife accepting sanyas even staying in the family and society. However, you undertake some work serving the society and peruse the same with dedication, devotion and commitment.
On his way back from the Himalayas he was thinking all the while about the future activities. He, being a Swatantrya Sainik, thought that now War would be over, India is going to be freed from foreign rule. This country should be reconstructed. To keep the development of the country the need of Dams, Road, Railways, Industry, Bridges etc. should be fulfilled. For all these/such activities we require engineers.
Hence, there is a need of an engineering college. With number of hurdles the new Engineering College started at the present location in Sangli. The inauguration of the main building of the college took place on 29-11-1947 at the auspicious hands of Chief Minister of the Mumbai Prant Hon. Namdar Balasaheb Kher. Thus the dream of late Dhondumama came in to reality.

On one occasion Late Dhondumama, while sitting on the steps of the main building at the entrance, stuck with another glorious idea. He was all the time thinking about the engineering field, students, and the future pillars of Indian Engineering field. He thought that the field of activity for these budding engineers should not be limited to only Mumbai Prant or Hindustan only. The whole world should be the field of activities of the students here. They should be trained keeping this in view. To constantly pinch this aspect of his vision on the minds of students and teachers as well he planned to erect a Globe in front of the main building.
Late Dhondo Krishna alias Dhondumama Sathe, was really a great visionary indeed. He has started his mission with having greatest ambition in his mind. And this is very very true that when we see back towards the achievements of our past students, we are amazed at the recognition earned by them world over