APS-WCE, Pune Chapter Meeting

The Managing Committee Meeting for APS-WCE, Pune Chapter was held on 25th July 2011.

Following members were present ,

1) Prof. H.K.Abhyankar
2) Mr.Avinash Barve
3) Mr. Nachiket Dhavale
4) Prof.Arvind Deshpande
5) Prof.S.M.Deshpande
6) Prof.S.N.Mali
7) Prof.B.G.Taralekar
8) Prof.M.K.Nalawade
9) Shri.Pradeep Marathe
11)Shri. Shankar Kalmani

The following points were discussed -

1) It was unanimously decided to conduct an annual meet in the month of August 2011, preferably on Saturday, 20th or Saturday, 27th. The earlier proposed date of 6th August stands postponed.

2) Shri.Shankar Kalmani shall be organising to book Hotel Rajwada as a venue and confirm the date.

3) We will have a meeting followed by dinner, as usual. The contribution for every individual alumni shall be Rs.400/- only.

4) We are expecting some donors to contribute substantially. We have requested Mr.Pradeep Marathe to sponsor and advertise the schedule of the meeting, as he does usually.

5) We are also planning to request individual donors to donate a sum of Rs.1,000/- to Rs.10,000/- to APS-WCE, Pune Chapter. It is proposed to give them a small memento and a data base of alumni available with us.

6) Some of the donors have proposed to waive the individual contribution of Rs.400/- to lady alumni and sr.citizen alumni (65 yrs. and above).

7) It has been proposed to felicitate alumni cum faculty of WCE who have attained the age of 75 yrs. recently. Prof. Joglekar and Prof.Santpur shall be invited. Prof.S.V.Ranade will give some more names, if available.

8) An invitation card has been designed which would be circulated by email to alumni available in data base. This invitation card will bear the names, contact nos. and email addresses of Prof.H.K.A, Prof.S.N.M. and Shri. Shankar Kalmani.

H.K. Abhyankar
BRACT's Vishwakarma Group of Institues,