College Staff Group Photo-1

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Front Line : 1.Prof. Krishnan 2.Prof. Kukade 3.Prof. R. S. Risbud 4.Prof. V. A. Joshi 5.Prin. C. G. Kale 6.Prof. G. R. Vartak 7.Chairman Shri. N. Dandekar 8. Rajesaheb 9. Prof. V. V. Ketkar 10.Prof. V. V. Barve 11.Prof. Apte 12.Shri S. B. Joshi 13. Prof. V. G. Joshi

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It was neatly typed under the letterhead of southmed clinics. Second Line : 1.Prof. Ranade 2. 3. 4.Prof. M. R. Deodhar 5. 6. 7.Prof. S. G. Bam 8. 9.Prof. M. D. Patwardhan 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Prof. Chitale

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