Walchand Alumni Meet 2015

  • Dignitaries with retired teachers
  • Shri Ramkumar Rathi (Civil,1964) (M/S Beharay Rathi Group Pune) addressing the gathering
  • Shriniwas Patil, President of Asso. of Past Students doing felicitation
  • Shri Eknath Patil (Civil 1978)(Former Principal Secretary Irrigation MS) addressing the gathering
  • Shri Chandradeep Narke (Civil 1990) (MLA - Karveer) addressing the gathering
  • Prof. Sanjay Dhaygude Welcoming the guests
  • Shri Alhad Apte (Electrical 1975) (Chairman NTRO) addressing the gathering
  • Shri. Mahadev Jankar, President, Rashtriya Samaj Party addressing the gathering
  • Shri Pradeep Marathe (Mech 1978) (Cotton King) addressing the gathering
  • Felicitation of Educational Adviser, USA at the hands of Director Dr. Parishwad
  • Audience at Walchand Alumni Meet 2015
  • Felicitation of Ramkumar Rathi at the hands of Dr. P. A. Kulkarni
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Dear Alumni Members,
If you have attended the 'Walchand Alumni Meet 2015', please send your feedback, photos and any information you would like to share with all the alumni.
We shall upload all that information on this website with mention of the contributer.
You may please send your recent CV with contact details to update Alumni database.
Thanking you and with warm regards,
Association of Past Students
Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli

Walchand Alumni Meet  held on 10th Jan. 2015